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Year 6 - Pupils of the Week Tuesday Feburary 12th 2019

Congratulations to Eva, Freya, Katelyn, Iona, Robert, John and Danny

We managed to have a catch up today for some of the pupils of the week in year 6 who have missed out on their break. It was great to hear how much all of them are enjoying being in year 6. Although they all said that the work was harder they also said that they were much better organised and were ready for the challenges ahead. They are especially looking forward to their visit to Bewerley Park in June.


We had a good discussion about the latest ‘pop’ stars- the only one I had heard of was Ed Sheeran which shows how out of date I am. Bring back the Bee Gees!!


It’s hard to believe that both myself and our year 6 children are nearly half way through our final year in the school. Enjoy the rest of the week and have a great half term break.


Mr Carney