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Pupil of the week March 2nd  and 9th 2018

Congratulations to our pupils of the week.


(Year 3) Neveah, Maria 3SD, Dexter , Olivia , Ava

(Year 4) Leila  4TD , Jessica 4RC

(Year 5) Finley 5SC, Vanessa  5JD

(Year 6) Ellie 6NB Shannon 6EV


We somehow got talking about our pets today and it was the hamsters who were the topic of conversation. It would seem that hamsters in this part of the city are extremely ferocious, many of our pet hamsters having a reputation for biting fingers etc . My own experience is that hamsters in the north east of England are much more placid !!

There are some very lucky mums out there ! I have been told that the children have all sorts planned for you !


Happy Mother’s Day … have a great weekend !


Mr Carney