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Pupil of the Week Key Stage Two - 23.06.17

Congratulations to today’s - 'Pupils of The Week'Friday June 23rd 2017


(Year 3) Isaac, Kiera, Josh

(Year 4) Cameron, Zak

(Year 5) Visiting ESLA,

(Year 6) Charlie


My first pupil of the week since half term as I was away on the very successful year 6 residential all of the previous week.


The children shared with me their exciting weekend which included celebrating their birthday, visits from a 3 month old cousin, a visit to South Wales, and a present of the new Everton kit.


I asked the children whether they felt safe in school, and why, and was delighted with their sensible responses. They all agreed that they felt safe because our teachers and staff were always there for them, we had secure fences and entrances and our security cameras kept us safe. The children also knew that if they ever felt unsafe they would tell an adult in our school.


Well done to everyone and lets have another great week.


Enjoy your holiday!!


Mr Carney