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Pupil of the Week Key Stage 2 - 13.10.2017

Friday October 13th 2017

Congratulations to our first 'Pupils of The Week' for the Autumn Term 2017

(Year 3) Lilia 3DH,  Maggie 3SD

(Year 4) Kitty 4TD,Poppy 4RC

(Year 5) Corey 5JD Patrick 5SC               

(Year 6) Tom 6NB Freya 6EV  


We talked briefly about ‘Black History Month ‘ and our  children shared  with me how much they enjoyed the assembly on the American Harriet Tubman and her ‘underground railway‘ which turned out was not a real railway and  wasn’t underground! Children told me how much they enjoyed their first half term with reading, cross country and history being particularly popular. Corey told us how welcome he had been made which was particularly pleasing as he has only just joined us from another school.

Have a brilliant weekend!  

Mr Carney