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Pupil of the Week Friday September 28th

Pupil of the week Friday September 28th 2018 Congratulations to last week’s pupils of the week and apologies for the delay in celebrating with our children.


(Year 3)   Mollie 3REC, Arlo 3DH

(Year 4)  Saffron 4TD Leila, Ellie 4RC

(Year 5)  Sam 5SC Max 5JD

(Year 6)  Gabby 6NB Adam, Niamh 6EV


We’re over half way through the first half term now and we reflected on the school year to date. While all of the children agreed that the work is harder in their new class they said how much they were enjoying school. History, art and maths were the favourite subjects of the pupils of the week. It was also reassuring to hear from the children that they felt safe in school ‘…because the teachers look after us …’ ‘…we have lockdowns and fire drills …’, ‘…the fire bell is tested every week...’ and the internet is safe in school. At this point, Mr Beare, our IT development manager explained to the children how he makes the internet safer by ensuring that suitable filters are in place to make the content safe .


Have  a great week!

Mr Carney