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Pupil of the week Friday September 21st 2018

Congratulations to this week’s pupils of the week.


(Year 3) 3REC Zack , 3DH Jack

 (Year 4 ) 4TD Maggie 

(Year 5)   5SC Amelie

(Year 6) 6NB Oscar 6EV Niamh Q


Another great weekend for all including myself as I celebrated yesterday that it was40 years to the day when I first came down to Liverpool and I have loved every minute of it ! Our pupils of the week were also busy feeding the ducks in Calderstones Park, watching Matilda the Musical in Manchester  (a bit of alliteration there!) , helping dad to prepare a house  and also going through the trauma of pulling a tooth out . It was interesting to talk about the tooth fairy’s current rate which ranged from £2 to £ 10, apparently depending on the size of the tooth. When I was younger it was 6 pence if we were lucky (2 ½ p in today’s money)


Have a great week!


Mr Carney