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Key Stage Two Pupils of the Week - 2nd and 9th February

Pupil of the week 2nd and 9th February 2018


Congratulations to last week’s pupils of the week. We were unable to meet last week so celebrated this week along with the pupils of the week for this week.


(Year 3) Josh, Caleb 3SD, Joseph Faye 3DH

(Year 4) Evie, Isaac 4TD Holly, Tilly 4RC

(Year 5) Josh, Amshavi 5SC Jude 5JD

(Year 6) Emily, Lexie 6NB Will 6EV


Josh in year 5 commented on how quickly this first half term seemed to fly over. I asked the children what they had enjoyed learning this term and the conversation developed around history. The children discussed why history was important and came out with some brilliant responses including ‘…so that we can learn from mistakes made in the past,’ …’to appreciate the sacrifices made by people’, ‘to celebrate people who stood up for the right to be treated equally e.g Rosa Parkes’.


I then asked what event has been on the news this week which was celebrating something that happened in England 100 years ago and several of the children knew that it was the Suffragettes who fought for the right for women to have equal voting rights to men. We then had a very honest discussion about how hard this must have been for the Suffragettes to convince the male members of parliament as to why it was right that women were given the vote.


It’s been a short but really productive half term and I wish everybody a very restful break.


Mr Carney