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Key Stage Two Pupils of the Week - 26th January

Pupil of the week 26th January 2018#


Congratulations to this week’s pupils of the week.

(Year 3) Serafina 3SD, Thomas 3DH

(Year 4)  Thomas 4TD  Eden 4RC

(Year 5) Freya 5SC              

(Year 6) Conor 6NB Indira 6EV


We spoke about the visit of our safeguarding governor, Mrs Devine, who walked around the school with myself earlier in the week. In every classroom the children were asked if they felt safe in school and were invited to say why they felt safe.


We were delighted to report that in every classroom the children not only confirmed that they felt safe but in both key stages were able to give several examples to support their view.  These included security fences and gates, staff identity badges, knowing that children could talk to a trusted adult if they had a problem, awareness of lockdown and fire drill procedure, being taught and reminded to be safe on-line, challenging any poor choices.


Next Tuesday 6th February is ‘Safer Internet day' where we will again remind children about keeping safe on–line.  The children though it would be a good idea to ask our community police to do a’ Stranger Danger' update so we will organise that for later in the year.


Have a great weekend.


Mr Carney