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Key Stage Two Pupils of the Week - 19th January

Pupil of the week 19th January 2018 

Congratulations to our pupils of the week in 2018!
(Year 3) Cole 3SD, Faye 3DH
(Year 4) Ben 4RC
(Year 5) Sol 5SC
(Year 6) Ruby 6NB Dani 6EV

We were delighted to welcome Mr Jones, our governor responsible for our buildings and the children
asked him about his role and what he did.

I also spoke about the Erasmus project and I shared how Mrs Hickey and Mrs Baird were
representing our school in Seville which is a little bit warmer than Liverpool right now! Our school will
be hosting our partner schools in May this year so we talked about what we could do with them and
where we could take them to experience the best of what Liverpool can offer. If you have any ideas
about what we can do to give our guests the whole Liverpool experience please let one of our staff

Well done to all of our pupils for their efforts this week.
Have a great weekend

Mr Carney