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Key Stage Two Pupils of the Week - 12th December

Pupil of the week 12TH January 2018
Congratulations to the first pupils of the week in 2018!

(Year 3) Luca 3SD, Millie 3DH
(Year 4) Amelie 4TD Niamh 4RC
(Year 5) Matthew 5JD Iona 5SC               
(Year 6) Daniel, Asa 6NB Page 6EV


We had a great chat about our Christmas holidays and everyone said how much they enjoyed themselves although the first few days of the holidays were a bit hectic. There were many family visits, for example, to Banbury and Lyme Regis as well as the customary local visits to family and friends. Two of the boys enjoyed a skiing holiday in France.


I shared with the children how impressed I have been with how quickly they have settled back into the school routine this week with some great learning taking place. We had a Lockdown drill on Thursday which went really well. Page explained that a fire drill is where we leave the building and a  lockdown is where we all make sure that we are in the building . Both drills are really important because they are aimed at making our school an even safer place.


Well done to all of our pupils for their efforts this week and a  special well done to our pupils of the week . 


Have a great weekend Mr Carney