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Key Stage Two - Pupil of the Week - 24.06.16

Congratulations to last week's 'Pupils of The Week'Friday 24th June


(Year 3) Elizabeth 3SD, Mischa 3DJ

(Year 4) Finley 4TD, Joe 4GC 

(Year 5) Theo 5JD, Anna 5SC

(Year 6) Josh 6NB, Liam 6AL


We celebrated the achievements of last weeks’ pupils of the week at break time today because most year groups were at I.M Marsh last Friday.


Josh and Liam used the opportunity to share with the younger children what a wonderful time they had at Bewerley Park. They shared their experiences of ghyll walking, rock climbing and their ‘leap of faith’ from a huge telegraph pole. They explained what they did really well and answered a few questions such as, ‘what happens if you don’t catch the trapeze when you leap from the top of the 100 foot telegraph pole?’ To reassure you all the children were attached safely to harnesses and ropes so it was extremely safe but still very exciting.  I am sure all of the other children will be looking forward to visiting Bewerley Park when they are in year 6!


Have a great weekend!

Mr Carney