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Key Stage Two - Pupil of the Week 13.05.16

Congratulations to this week's 'Pupils of The Week'Friday 13th May


(Year 3) Gabby 3SD, Liam 3DJ

(Year 4) Olivia 4TD 

(Year 5) Lucas 5JD, Alfie, Evie, Claudia 5SC

(Year 6) Finn NB, Rose 6AL


It’s been a very busy week this week. Our year 6 completed their SATS and have worked really hard all year to make sure that they were well prepared for them. Finn and Rose said that the tests were tough but fair!


Mr Carney was like a Cheshire Cat when he came in to school following Sunderland’s dramatic annual escape from relegation.  Everton fans were coming to terms with the departure of their manager and we talked about who should get the job.  The Evertonians who were pupils of the week thought that Ronald Koeman from Southampton should get the job (well that’s what their dads thought!)


Olivia made her first Holy Communion last week and had a lovely day.  We have our second group of year 4 children making their first Holy Communion and Confirmation tomorrow – let’s hope that the weather stays fine!


Have a great weekend


Mr Carney