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Key Stage Two - Pupil of the Week - 09.09.16

Congratulations to this week's 'Pupils of The Week'.  Friday 9th September 2016


(Year 3) 3SD Jessica 3NM Isobel,

(Year 4) 4TD Oscar, 4GC Olivia

(Year 5) 5JD Leon, 5SC Molly  

(Year 6) 6NB Dara, 6EV Freya


All pupils of the week in key stage two have a Friday break with the head teacher as a reward for their outstanding contribution to their class during the week.  What a great first week back and huge congratulations to our first pupils of the week.


We talked about our hopes and ambitions for the new school year and how much we have all enjoyed the first week back at school.  I got a great range of responses


‘I want to do well in my tests at the end of the year and be ready for secondary school.’

‘I’m looking forward to doing more art.’

'I want to conquer how to make 3d models because I want to be an artist or an APP designer when I’m older.’

‘I love maths’

‘I really like my new teacher.’ 

‘I want the world to be a happier place’

‘I’m looking forward to learning about the Ancient Egyptians.’


Have a brilliant weekend!


Mr Carney