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Key Stage Two - Pupil of the Week 07.10.16

Congratulations to this week's 'Pupils of The Week'.  Friday October 7th 2016


(Year 3) Sarah 3SD, Sophie 3NM,

(Year 4) James 4TD, Kamsi 4GC

(Year 5) Ellie 5SC

(Year 6) James 6NB, Theo 6EV  


Yet another busy week in school – this week we celebrated National Poetry Day on Thursday while our assemblies focussed upon Black History Month. The children learnt about Rosa Parks, a very famous American, who refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus and led to a boycott of the buses and eventually the end to segregation of white and black people in America.


Closer to home we spoke about the first black person in Liverpool to have a street named after him, James Clarke. James Clarke saved many locals from drowning in the Mersey and the docks, and taught countless others to swim especially children. There is a plaque dedicated to him at The Liverpool Aquatics Centre.


For once I can relax this weekend because there are no premiership games and therefore Sunderland can’t lose! I’m looking forward to Saturday as I have got a ticket for the Rugby League Grand Final which is always a fantastic occasion.


Enjoy your weekend whatever you do.


Mr Carney