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Hispanic Week - Day Two

Hispanic week, 2016

Wednesday, 30th

Years 4, 5 and 6 began the second day of Hispanic week, 2016 by watching a Brazilian Samba show.  Each of these year groups then had the opportunity to learn some Samba moves and managed to perform a short Samba routine, complete with costumes anddrums ¡Fenomenal!

Other year groups enjoyed learning how to dance the dramatic dance ‘Paso Doble’, acting and dancing in the roles of bull, bull fighter and Spanish lady in this traditional dance.

Children in key stage 2 today put on their chef’s hat to create their own ‘empanadas’, a popular Hispanic savoury snack. The children developed their pastry making and rolling skills and learnt the technique of encasing the filling to create this tasty Latin-American turn over ¡Qué deliciosas!

Today we were delighted to welcome some of our school’s parents who carried out workshops on a variety of themes including Easter in Spain, during which the children made their own Spanish Easter boxes, and workshops based on the culture  and history of Andalusia. Years 2 and 4 explored the interesting history of how the Iberian peninsula moved from Moorish to Christian control and the history of the region of Andalusia. Children also learnt about typical sites, foods and cities in this beautiful Southern Spanish region.

We warmly welcomed children and teachers from Barlow’s primary school who joined Year 4 for a fun afternoon of Spanish themed team games. They also watched some Years 5 and 6 children perform the skipping routines they have learnt and practised hard to develop during our new Spanish Skip fit club.

We were delighted to continue the excellent link we have with Belvadere Academy and welcomed a group of twelve of their language students to deliver fantastic language workshops with our Years 3 and 1 children.

Children also enjoyed Hispanic fun and games with teachers from ‘El Instituto Cervantes’.