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Hispanic Day - Day Three

Hispanic Week - day 3
Today it was the turn of Years 2 and 4 to increase their Hispanic culinary knowledge, making 'empanadas' to take home and share with their family.  Our Hispanic music learning continued with more classes taking part in Samba drumming workshops. Spanish guitar workshops included children developing their music learning and using their knowledge of tempo and dynamics to create a multi Hispanic instrument musical piece, led by Senor Vernon playing Spanish guitar music. 
Children have had the opportunity to explore the interesting links between African and South American cultures in Afro-Peruvian workshops which included cajita drumming and a dance which brought a mix of these cultures and dance styles. 
Teachers from El Instituto Cervantes led Art workshops based on the Mexican artist Frida Khalo. The children studied the characteristics of some of her self portraits, then created their own self portrait, including some of these characteristics. A Year 2 class also created their own version of art work based on Picasso with Liverpool Hope students. 
Today our Hispanic dance has been 'Sevillanas' the dance which belongs to the region of our link school in Seville. Year 5 enjoyed learning the key moves of this traditional dance and putting these to typical Sevillanas music. 
We have also been busy making last minute preparations for our big day tomorrow, our Hispanic performance day in which children will be performing the songs they have been working hard practicing over the last few months. We are very much looking forward to welcoming all of our school's parents into school and some special invited guests too...