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Erasmus Day 2 Monday November 12th

Today we visited our partner schools , Bolivar A and Bolivar B.


Welcome Ceremony (School Bolivar B). This morning began with a wonderful welcome assembly put together by the pupils and teachers of Simon Bolivar A and B. The children showed off their English  language skills, their singing ability and their expertise with percussion instruments. We also heard some wonderful vocal contributions from four Romanian children who had accompanied their teachers to Paris.


After the assembly the teachers were assigned different classes to observe in their lessons. Mr. Burke went to a Year 5 class, where he witnessed a fascinating debate about the best way of showing solidarity towards our human beings, using the practical example of helping those who have fled persecution in other lands. The children had previously had visits from refugees from Kenya and Pakistan who had faced prejudice and death threats in their home countries. The debate which followed was lively and it was clear that the children were well informed and had the confidence to air their views in an articulate manner. It was interesting to note how well most of the children had acclimatised themselves to the rules of debate, waiting their turn and respecting the rights of others, even if they had an opposing view.


Mr  Carney was invited to visit a PE lesson but it wasn’t a PE lesson you would get in St Austin’s . The children, who were in year two, were being taught  fencing .The lesson was taught by a veteran world champion fencer and it was a great experience to watch the children practice their skills with their fencing blades and protective masks which looked like a bee keeper’s hat!


Find out what you can about musketeers. What were the names of the three musketeers?


We had lunch with the staff before a meeting to discuss the next stage of the project. One of the activities that all schools will  contribute to, will involve each school producing articles for a digital newspaper which will be put together by our Romanian partner. This is great for St Austin’s because Mr Hints will be organizing our own digital newspaper so we should be able to practice our skills before sending our articles to our Romanian friends.


We had a couple of hours of free time to explore Paris so took the opportunity to visit the Arc de Triomph, walk down the Champs Elysee to the Place de la Concorde  and observe the sun setting over the Eiffel Tower. In the evening we were invited back to the school where we shared some traditional French food provided by the school parents’ association.


Tomorrow we have another busy day in the school.


Mr. Carney and Mr. Burke