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El dia de la Paz

El Dia de la Paz 30th January 2017
Today the children have been celebrating 'El Día de la Paz'. This is an important celebration held across all Spanish primary schools which provides children with the opportunity to reflect on various peace themes. We started the day with two 'Peace ' Assemblies in each key stage - in the key stage  we  finished the assembly with our choir performing one of the songs that they sang at the 'Peace Proms' concert held in the Liverpool Echo Arena on Saturday 28th January.


During the day every class were read a short story linked to peace which fitted in nicely with the launch of 'National Storytelling Week.'
EYFS: 'The Treehouse'  
Year 1:'The Lion and the Pig'
Year 2: 'Sunflowers'
Year 3: 'Miss Rumphius'
Year 4: 'Love Peace, Hate and War'. They will also read 'War Game' by Michael Foreman.
Year 5: 'Why Bats Hang Upside Down'. A story written by a refugee child from Sudan about what it's like not to fit in.
Year 6: 'Love Peace: Hate War'
We wish you all a happy 'Dia del la Paz.'