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El dia de la Paz

We have held our celebration of 'El dia de la paz', a day to focus on the promotion of peace in our lives and communities. 
We joined with our Spanish partner school, San Jacinto, in focusing on 'story telling for peace' and the theme of reaching out to make peace happen, linking this to the New Year peace message of Pope Francis. 
We reached out across Europe, linking up with the children and staff in San Jacinto, holding two Skype calls with them and sharing each other's peace celebrations. The children read prayers and messages of peace to each other, sang songs including 'Our God is a great big God', 'Imagine' and 'What a wonderful world'.
Across our school, children read and undertook activities linked to
 'The Sunflower story'. 


The sunflower became our symbol of peace for the day. Children produced their own sunflower with messages of peace which will be assembled into a large 'PAZ' display. Sunflowers from the children of San Jacinto will add to this display. 
All of our school's children took home a sunflower seed to plant, reminding them of their symbol of peace and an important message of the day;
    'We all live under the same sun'. 
   Please pray for peace in our world.