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Bewerley Park Group Two- Day 2

We have had yet another brilliant day today at the Eden Camp. We arrived at about 10:30 and the weather was a little overcast but it fortunately didn't rain. We learnt so much during the day about the second world war that we didn't know. We were lucky enough to meet an old man who told us about his life, when he was evacuated from London at just seven years old. He shared memories including the harsh air raid wardens who made sure that everyone always followed the rules during a blackout and ensured that the curtains were closed each night to keep the blackout. 


The children were also amazed at the fantastic things that the prisoners of war made during their stay at the Eden Camp this included- Ships in bottle, carved metal cigarette cases and even a pair of miniature shoes made out of carved bread. 


At the end of the day we bought some gifts in the souvenir shop and then the teachers bought all of the children an ice cream. When we came back from the Eden Camp, we had a lovely bit of tea followed by group activities on the pine lines, low ropes and on the high ropes including the "leap of faith" which takes great courage and the children did fantastically. To top off a great day we found out that England had beaten Wales 2-1.