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Bewerley Park Group 2 - Day 3

We all went out like a light last night and had a great night’s sleep. So this morning, we woke up refreshed and ready for an action packed day.


We had two outdoor activities today. The first of which was gorge walking at Trollers Gill. This was the activity that a lot of the children had been looking forward to most, for one main reason: we were going to get very wet! For this activity we needed to get changed into a wetsuit, which were kindly provided by the Bewerley Park staff. They  were a tight squeeze and a lot of effort to get on! We also put on a life jacket and helmet and set off on the 15 minute mini-bus journey to Trollers Gill, high up in the Yorkshire Dales. The first part of our walk took us across beautiful country fields; it was a world away from the busy streets of Liverpool. Eventually we arrived at the gorge . The gorge was a fast flowing stream and it was the children’s job to traverse and travel up the stream in the freezing cold water. The water ebbed and flowed, at some points it came up to our waists and at others it was shallow enough to walk, yet all the children got in with minimum fuss and had a fantastic time. The highlight was undoubtedly the waterfall ‘slide’ that we all had a go on (see our photographs below and videos HERE for more detail!)


On arriving back at Bewerley Park, the sodden children changed out of their wetsuits, and after a brief warming up in the shower, we headed for our packed lunches in the canteen.


Our afternoon activity was climbing at Brimham Rocks. This was no artificial climbing wall, this was the real thing. Brimham Rocks is an outstanding natural sandstone rock formation, covering a vast area. Owned by the National Trust, it is open for all to explore and admire. The children, however, were here for much more than just a walk as they spent their afternoon climbing, jumping and traversing around the magnificent rocks, all under the supervision of Jill and Anne from Bewerley Park. They learnt how to take manageable risks and saw how, working as a team, they could conquer all obstacles. Some of the rocks were packed tightly together so the children had to squeeze and crawl through tiny spaces that they didn’t think was possible. I think it’s fair to say that the children were apprehensive before some of the challenges, but the exhilaration and pride they felt when they succeeded with the challenges, meant that climbing at Brimham Rocks might just have been the highlight of our trip. Michael in year 6 described it as ‘scary but great at the same time,’ which perfectly summed it up!


We arrived back just in time for our evening meal which tonight consisted of fish fingers or a delicious mince and vegetable pie. The children then returned to their room to tidy, begin to pack and practise for the talent show.


The talent show could not have been a better and more fitting way to end our three days at Bewerley Park. Mr Carney compered the show with great humour and our guest judges critiqued each incredible performance. For two hours we were wowed by singers, musicians, magicians, dancers, comedians and impressionists. It made us realise just how talented and special our children are. If the future of our country is our year 6 children, then (as James sang) ‘…every little thing is going to be alright.’


We have had a wonderful three days in Bewerley Park. The children have made memories that will last a lifetime. They have been impeccable ambassadors for our school and we could not be prouder of each and every one of them.


This is what some of our children thought of our final day’s activities and of their Bewerley Park experience as a whole:

‘I didn’t think I would enjoy the rock scambling but it was really good !’ (Amshavi)

 ‘The food was top notch.’ ( Harry )

‘I loved getting my photo taken doing all the activities!’ ( Kamsi )

‘The hot chocolate at supper was brilliant!’ ( Oscar)

‘Rock scrambling was really good especially getting through the small gaps.’( Patrick )

‘The whole experience has been different and I have really enjoyed it!’(Georgie)

‘Our teachers worked incredibly hard.’(Amy)

‘The talent show was brilliant- we had great fun!’( Emily)

‘I can’t wait for the end of year 6 show’ ( Vanessa)

‘The instructors here are great!’(  Eva)