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Bewerley Park Group 2 - Day 2

Today we visited the Eden Camp and learnt more about World War Two. We spoke to some older people who were visiting the camp and they happily shared their memories of the war with us . They were very interesting. Here are some quotes from our children.

Theo ' it was great especially the bit where they recreated a blitz scene with real smoke , smells and special effects

Eleanor ' I love history and my favourite part was the memorial section because it reminded me of the sadness of the holocaust 

Troy ' I loved everything today because it was all about the war and we have learnt that with Miss Vallely!

Aaron' the best bit was the uniform  and medal section because my dad was in the army and I saw some of the uniform and medals he has '

Tonight we are doing three adventurous activities - the night line where we follow an obstacle course blindfolded , a very challenging climbing wall and the 'Leap of Faith ' I am sure that we'll sleep well tonight !


Photos will be coming later this evening