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Bewerley Park Day 3 - Group 2

After yet another perfect sleep last night it was another early start as we arose at 7.00 a.m, washed, dressed and had a very enjoyable breakfast of cereal followed by poached eggs, sausages, beans and toast which our children thoroughly enjoyed.


After breakfast we got ready for our activities which were Ghyll Walking at Blayshaw Ghyll and different climbing and scrambling experiences at the wonderful Brimham Rocks.


The most difficult part of the day involved putting on and taking off our wetsuits – the activities themselves were great fun as we walked, slid, crawled and jumped in to the Ghyll (find the videos HERE)and crawled, climbed and scrambled up, over around and even through the many wonderful rock formations at Brimham. Did you know that Brimham rocks features in the video of the Bee Gees ‘You Win Again!’ –you learn something new everyday (Link, in case you didn’t believe it and/or wanted a groove). One of our groups even managed to reach the tallest area within the Park.


Tonight we will be having our talent show and I am sure that it will be as much fun as the one we had for group one with many talented acts and performances. 


All of our children have been absolutely brilliant throughout the residential and this has been acknowledged not only by our accompanying adults but also staff at other schools, Bewerley Park staff and staff at the Eden Camp. A huge thank you and well done to all of our children and sincere thanks to our staff who volunteered to look after our children and who contributed so much to a wonderful experience for both groups. Children should arrive back at around 12.30 tomorrow however we will give you updates on the school website and app.


Looking forward to being back in school on Monday.


UPDATE: Another Talent show completed, yet again some very surprising and astounding acts performed by the children. Every year we think we've seen it all, but it just goes to show how talented and brilliant our children are. We finished with a whole group rendition of Delilah, a showstopper to be sure. All tucked up in bed now for an early start to be back home.