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27th February Online Safety visit - Paul Bradshaw

We were delighted to welcome Paul Bradshaw, Liverpool School Improvement officer for online safety, into our school today. Paul spoke to all of our year 5 and 6 pupils about online safety. He began by introducing the children to Charles Duke, one of only 12 men to have walked on the moon. He used Charles Duke and 'footprints on the moon ' to demonstrate 'in perpetuity' to explain how every time a person accesses the internet they leave a digital footprint.


He followed this up with a story about a young girl called Paris Brown who lost her job after only one day because of the digital footprint she had left when using the internet when she was younger.


This was followed by a meeting with parents where Paul gave advice on how they could support their children in keeping safer online.


Thanks to all of the parents who were able to attend and the extremely positive feedback from both sessions. Paul has been invited later in this academic year to speak with our younger pupils.