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Year 3

Our Collective Worship topic this week has been Autumn/Harvest.  We have looked at people who help provide us with the food we eat and at people less fortunate than ourselves who go hungry for lack of good food and water.  We have looked at the great work of CAFOD and how they help the poor and needy across the world.  We are encouraging the children to do simple chores at home to earn small amounts of money for our CAFOD boxes in class. Please encourage your child to help support CAFOD.


In RE we continue with our topic on Homes.  We have focused this week on the importance of prayer and the children have been making simple prayer books and recording their own ideas for prayers for those in need i.e. the sick, the lonely, the elderly, world peace etc.  Please encourage and pray with your children at home. 


Wednesday homework for Year 3 is learning and revising times tables.  This week we are focusing on 2s, 3s and 4s.  If the children have iPads you can search and download a variety of very good fun free apps to help them.


A reminder that the yellow home reading cards should be sent in on Fridays with reading recorded and a signature of an adult.



  In our R.E. topic of Homes we have been talking, discussing and learning about the advice St Paul  gives  us   to enable us to live as part of a Christian and caring family. We have wriiten our own prayers, generated homely words and designed posters on a welcoming home. To continue our topic we will look at the Holy Family as an example of a loving family unit. 



The children in Year 3 have worked very hard this week and learned lots of new and exciting  facts. In History we compared life in Athens against life in Sparta.... 2 very different cities and cultures!!!! Science was looking at joints and how they work.


My maths should soon be up and running so log in and  get your children  working and learning. 


We still are collecting a selection of jumpers and cardigans at the end of each week, with no name ... so PLEASE ensure ALL your children's uniform is clearly labelled. 


Home Reading should be encouraged by all Parents and record cards sent in  each Friday morning. 


As part of our Science lessons we will be dissecting  prawns !!!!!!  Great fun !!!!!





Welcome back everybody, we hope you are all ready for a whole new year of learning. So far we have been very impressed with your punctuality, your lovely uniforms with your names on and most of you have now brought in your painting overall. This half term we will be working hard in all our subjects and this is a hint of all the learning we will be doing.

RE following 'Come and See' 




Other Faiths - Judaism

(This will be our whole term's work)


Number and Place Value

Addition and Subtraction


Stories with Familiar Settings

Report Writing


Animals - Skeletons and Nutrition


Ancient Greece


Painting (colour work), clay modelling




To work with four different note values; quaver, crotchet, minim, semi-breve focusing on keeping in time. Learning through songs and music, focusing on 'Russian Dance' from 'The Nutcracker Suite' and understanding how rhythm and beat help with moving to music.

To play percussion instruments from notated music. To understand and perform a canon and understand the difference between a beat and rhythm to develop rhythmic skills. Hymns for mass preparation.





RE - 'Homes'

This week we completed the 'Explore' section of our new topic and began to look at scripture in 'Reveal'. We talked about our 'house' and our 'home' and explored the difference between the two words. We looked at sayings such as 'A house is not a home' and 'Home is where the heart is'. The drawings and descriptions were beautiful. Then we looked at St Paul's letter to the Romans and the positive ways he tells us to act as part of a loving family.