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What the Elf Did Next...

22nd December

It’s been hungry work being so naughty for the past few weeks. 


23rd December

I really hope the elf behaved itself in the cinema!


24th December 

Uh-oh... someone has been eating the mince pies that were left out for Santa!


25th December

Today the elf has been hiding in people’s stockings to surprise them. Merry Christmas!


26th December

Look who’s been hanging around Sefton Park today 


27th December

Back to the cinema again today... but the elf was a bit too small to keep the seat down!


28th December

What’s big and green and spreads Christmas cheer all holiday long? The elf’s new friend - Hulk! 


29th December

A naughty elf on a naughty bus!


30th December

Can you guess which movie the elf went to see today? It was practically perfect in every way...


31st December

Someone is ready and waiting for midnight. Happy new year!


1st January

After a long day of elf work, there’s no better way to relax than a face mask and hot bubble bath. 


2nd January

Today the elf has been thinking about auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent... with a little help from its friends. 


3rd January

A special message from the elf today...


4th January

You can really build up an appetite between mince pies


5th January

It’s getting very cold around here...


6th January

Instead of getting ready to go back to work in the North Pole tomorrow, just look at what that elf has been doing!

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