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What is LCQM?

Liverpool Counts Quality Mark


St Austin’s School is pleased to announce that we are participating in an exciting project to promote Mathematics in our school and city.

The agreed priorities of Liverpool Counts are as follows:

  • To raise standards in mathematics and numeracy with fun and joy of number at the heart of all aspects of the strategy
  • To challenge perceptions and change attitudes towards number and mathematics
  • To raise the profile of numeracy through a range of activities, events and resources with an emphasis on the application to real life contexts
  • To bring relevance to numeracy through problem solving set in local contexts
  • To enhance the delivery of the national curriculum at all key stages and the early years foundation stage
  • To secure a shared understanding between the phases of education with an agreed common mathematical language and transition projects
  • To promote the use of technology to engage learners
  • To involve parents and the local business and cultural communities
  • To create a sustainable legacy of a love of numbers


We will therefore be holding events throughout the school year to help everyone have fun and improve their mathematical skills.

All information and events will be shared on our website so please get involved and help us to achieve our aims.


Hope to see you soon, 


Mrs J. Doyle


Our first whole school event is to design a logo to promote maths across the school!