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Welcome to St. Austin’s School Website.


The first school in St. Austin’s Parish was set up in the crypt of St Austin’s church as long ago as 1838. There have been many changes in education since then but we remain a Catholic school serving Catholic families mainly, but not exclusively, in the former Canonical Parishes of St Austin’s and St. Bernadette, part of the recently formed Canonical parish of St. Wilfrid’s.

We are a Catholic school whose mission statement drives all aspects of school life. It is firmly embedded. Our pupils are very happy. “Your school’s mission statement ‘In our school where everyone is special we will love and serve as Jesus taught’ shines out in all that you do for your school family.”(Ofsted report May 2018) Ofsted also acknowledged that ‘…the…team has maintained the good quality of education since the last inspection.’


In 2003 we became a centre of excellence for Spanish and continue to be a centre of excellence 15 years later.In 2006 we were the first school in the country to achieve recognition as “Colegio del año” - Spanish Primary School of the Year, an external award presented by the Education department of the Spanish Embassy. We continue to promote Spanish and the Hispanic culture and we passionately believe that acquisition and love of language learning will give your children many opportunities in the future.

Your child will be happy at school when he/she feels confident and relaxed in the knowledge that staff and parents are supportive and working together for his/her benefit. The key is relationships.


It is this relationship based on mutual understanding and trust driven by our belief in and in fulfilling our mission statement that our school is fully inclusive - we are all valued in the eyes of God and each other. Our Religious Education monitoring report in March 2018 acknowledged many strengths including ‘…the sense of community and the obvious happiness of all in the school…the passion for all for Catholic Life, Collective Worship and Religious Education…and… the wide variety of experiences provided for the pupils.

We like children.


We want them to feel happy, safe and secure.


We want each child to grow in our community liking themselves.


We want them to have fun.


We want them to feel confident to try their best and enjoy.


If this isn’t happening at any time we want you the parent or carer, your child, our staff, our Governors and the wider community to let us know!


If you need any further information please contact the school direct.

We are extremely proud of all our children and thank you all for putting your trust in us to help them on their journey to achieve their full potential.


John Carney M.Ed, B.Ed (Hons), NPQH