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"In our school, where everyone is special. We will love and serve as Jesus taught"



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In RE, our topics this term are:


Books – those used in church.


Thanksgiving – mass is a special time for saying thank you to God for everything, especially Jesus.


Opportunities – Lent is an opportunity to start anew in order to celebrate Jesus’ new life.


In Other Faiths Week we'll be looking at Islam





Our IPC topic this half term is all about DINOSAURS.


Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago – long before people lived on Earth. No one has ever seen a dinosaur so how do we know anything about them? Fossil evidence and dinosaur bones provide our only clues.


Like detectives, we will try to discover what dinosaurs looked like, what they ate and what might have happened to them in the end.



In History, we’ll be finding out:


• About the different time periods when dinosaurs lived


• How to make a time line


• About fossil hunters from around the world


• About different ideas to explain why the dinosaurs died out



In Geography, we’ll be finding out:


• What the Earth looked like millions of years ago


• Identifying the continents, some countries and which dinosaurs would have lived there



In Science, we’ll be finding out:


• How to make a dinosaur footprint


• How to find out what dinosaurs looked like


• What dinosaurs ate


• How to sort and classify dinosaurs


• About the other animals and plants that lived at the same time as the dinosaurs



In Art, we’ll be finding out:


• How to make a sculpture of a dinosaur


• How to make reptile-skin patterns


• How to make a dinosaur skeleton



In International, we’ll be finding out:


• Where dinosaurs have been found