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"In our school, where everyone is special. We will love and serve as Jesus taught"



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Spring Topics

Spring Term Topics


Themes and topics for Spring term.



  • Introducing new sounds and letter blends weekly.
  • Decoding and blending simple words in their reading.
  • Using phonic knowledge to decode more complex words.
  • Forming letters using the correct pencil strokes.
  • Applying phonic knowledge to spell familar and unfamilar words. 
  • Continue to develop reading skills using tricky words and word lists.
  • Be able to write full name independently using the correct formation.
  • Develop story telling skills through reading stories, role play and use of puppets.
  • Writing a simple sentence using their phonic knowledge to attempt spelling unfamilar words.  



  • Recognition of numerals up to and beyond 20.
  • Ordering of numbers up to 20.
  • Accurate counting of objects.
  • Forming numerals using the correct pencil strokes.
  • Discussing addition and subtraction using mathematical language.
  • Introducing money - recognition of coins up to 10p.
  • Find out which number is one more or one less than a given number.
  • Use everyday language to talk about size, weight and capacity.

Topics Spring 1    FOOD

We will be discussing and learning about-

  • healthy foods
  • our favourite foods
  • stories about food.
  • experiences of food from other cultures.
  • recipes - we will be cooking biscuits, pizzas and bread.
  • we will also be tasting fruit, bread and toppings for the best pizza!

Spring 2   WEATHER

We will be learning about - 

  • the seasons.
  • different kinds of weather.
  • our favourite weather.
  • the best clothes to wear in cold or hot weather.
  • painting pictures of different types of weather.
  • why we have shadows
  • we will also be making a weather station to find out how much rain falls or which way the wind is blowing!

RE. topics for this term. (Come and See)




Other Faiths week - we will be discussing and learning about ISLAM.