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Spring Term Topics

Early Years

Spring 1

Spring 2


Understand that own actions affect others.

Confident to speak to others about own needs

Consequences of their behaviour.

Opportunities to discuss with adults and children, communicating about their own knowledge and understanding and asks appropriate questions of others. 

Developing confidence to speak about their own experiences at the doctors, dentist, clinic, hospital,

Takes steps to resolve conflicts with other children by demonstrating ability to share and take turns fairly.

Communcation and Language

Role play – Café

Developing ability to listen and recall stories, joining in with repeated refrains and rhymes within stories.  Focussing attention and following directions to complete activities.  Asking questions about why and how things happen.

Role play – Hospital / clinic

Using talk to connect ideas, explaining what is happening and use a range of tenses.  Asking questions and giving explanations.

Using more complex sentences to link their thoughts and ideas. Retell simple past events.

Extending vocabulary, exploring the meaning and sounds of new words. 


Physical Development

Ball skills, throwing and catching, different ways of moving, negotiating space safely.

Using a pencil effectively to form recognisable letters and numbers

Handles tools and objects safely and with increasing control.

Independence with undressing and dressing

Travelling over and balancing along apparatus safely.

Using a pencil effectively to form recognisable letters and numbers.

Practices some appropriate safety measures without direct supervision.


Phase 2  and 3 Letters and Sounds

Big Books –

Handa’s Surprise

Little Red Hen

Gingerbread man

The Sandwich that Max Made

Name writing – magic pencil program to support correct formation of individual letters.

Writing labels for Little Red Hen display – writing ingredients for making a sandwich. Writing labels to label the display and write the song from the story. Making small books of The Sandwich that they made.  Using a variety of resources to identify sounds to read and spell cvc words and phase 2 and some phase 3 words also.

Fable – Enormous Turnip/ Watermelon – compare the stories what is different, etc

Phase 3 Letters and Sounds

Fred the Firefighter

Vicky the Vet

Daisy the Doctor

Topsy and Tim visit the ….. series

Writing full name from memory using the correct formation.

Writing prescriptions, medical records with names and addresses, baby clinic – weights and charts etc, using phonic knowledge to attempt spelling unfamiliar words. Children to label items in the hospital eg, scale, plasters, bandage, needles etc, Introducing finger spaces, full stops and the correct use of capital letters to write labels and captions. Use phonics to write more complex words representing some sounds correctly and in sequence. Begin to decode and blend sounds to read more complex words. Reading phase 3 and to introduce phase 4 words.




Formation of numerals.  Correct order up to 10 and beyond up to 20.  Introduce the language of addition and subtraction. Correct 1:1 counting of objects and identifying the number that is 1 more or 1 less. Activities to illustrate the concept of sharing and problem solving. Make a bar graph of EYFS favourite fruits.

Money – introducing coins up to 10p.  Problem solving to select a variety of coins to make to a total. Use the language of more and fewer to compare amounts.

Weight – heavy, light, heavier and lighter etc.  Develop concept of addition and subtraction recording sums, using signs and a variety of practical activities.  Continue to develop correct formation of numeral. Find more and less from a group of up to 5/10 objects.

Understanding the World

Food topic- tasting fruit, making gingerbread biscuits, tasting bread – making a jam sandwich, food from other countries, likes and dislikes, healthy food. Using IPADS to reinforce correct formation of letters and numbers.


 Develop interest in different occupations and ways of life.  Remembers and talks about significant events in their own experience. Using IPADS for addition and subtraction

Expressive Arts and Design

Making paper plates of our favourite foods – painting pictures of a variety of foods, colour mixing. Work for displays of The Gingerbread Man and The Little Red Hen. Using the puppet theatre to re-enact the stories above. Tap out simple repeated rhythms using the words from the stories.

Using junk materials to create own models- manipulate materials to achieve a planned effect. 

Explore what happens when they mix colours. Paint portraits of people in and around school who help us.

Using large construction make models of items to be used in outdoor area to enhance imaginative play. Play alongside other children in the same theme, work with a group to act out and develop a narrative.

Come and See

Celebrating, Gathering


Other Faiths Week 10th March -14th March – Islam.


Food tasting, making gingerbread biscuits, making jam sandwiches

Visits from doctor, fire fighter, nurse, community police officers etc.


Using songs and percussion instruments to introduce differences between quick and slow and also keeping at a steady pulse.

To work on sound and texture, listening to different styles of music and identify different instruments within the music. Further work on high and low pitch and following musical directions.