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Weekly spellings are as follows. Please practise at home and bring books back into school on Tuesday for the test.



This week's spellings will focus on adding the suffix -ed to verbs and the suffix -ing to verbs.

This has been covered in our work in class throughout the year.

Rules for adding -ed

1) Usually just add -ed 

walked talked wanted cooked  frowned

2) Double the consonant after a short vowel sound

hopped  skipped   tripped   jogged

3) Verbs ending in -e, just add -d

smiled danced pranced 

Rules for adding -ing

1) Usually just add -ing

walking talking laughing sleeping eating

2) Double the consonant after a short vowel sound

skipping   tripping swimming

3) Verbs ending in e - drop the e and +ing

smiling having dancing 


We will assess this by looking at the children's independent writing to see if they can apply these rules in their work.


We will also continue to test the words on the sheet handed out 17.6.16. Please ask if you'd like another copy!

Please go through the sheet and practise the words your child finds tricky to spell.


Thank you,

Mr Hughes and Mrs Kelly smiley