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Spanish Lunch 'El Dia de la Paz'

With Spanish waiters and waitresses serving on and Spanish music playing in the background, children from Reception to Year 6 were greeted and seated to enjoy una comida espanola of Spanish chicken with pepper rice and a specially themed dessert of jelly and cream in the colours of the Spanish flag! Looking every bit the Spanish senors y senoritas, our waiters and waitresses did a fantastic job helping to create a fun, Hispanic atmosphere, whilst also giving a helping hand to ensure the lunch ran smoothly.

 Spanish menus were available and the children enjoyed both the delicious food and lively music. The children said the food was delicious and one child even gave the whole experience 5 stars! It was a fun event which ,also, celebrated our focus on 'El Dia de la Paz' . 
Take a look at our gallery of photographs showing the fun that was had...


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