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Romania visit - day 1

Day 0ne – Wednesday May 22nd : Miercuri 22 mai

After arriving at Cluj –Napoca Airport in the early hours of Wednesday morning after a three hour flight from Liverpool, we were met by Sebastian and taken in a taxi to our hotel. The taxi fare was 50 Leu- Leu is the official Romanian currency and there are about 5 Leu to the pound.


At breakfast we met our partners from the schools in Italy and Spain. The breakfast was very similar to ours with cereal as a starter and scrambled egg with ham on toast.


At 10.00a.m we were met by Vasilica (Valy) who is the Romanian teacher in charge of the project and we had a short walk around the area by the hotel .Cluj Napoca is the 4thbiggest city in Romania. It is the unofficial capital of Transylvania – and we know who lives there!


We went to the airport first to pick up our French partners who were arriving from Paris on an early flight. Unfortunately their flight was delayed so we had to wait a little bit longer than we expected.

We then went on a 2 hour minibus journey to Salva, which is where our partner school is based. 

Once we left the city of Cluj Napoca we noticed straight away the change from city to countryside. In the city the only type of housing we saw were huge flats. There was lots of greenery and small villages throughout our journey to Salva. What was amazing was the number of nice big houses which had been recently built but seemed to be abandoned. We asked Valywhy this was and she told us that many Romanians leave their houses to work in other parts of Europe and they never come back.


Salva is situated in a part of Romania called Transylvannia where a very famous, or should I say infamous, person came from. His real name was Vlad the Impaler but he is better known as ‘Dracula!’


As we were running late we had a short meeting where we reviewed the progress of the project this year, shared a few ideas about possible joint projects for year 3 and planned our visit to the school tomorrow. 


A couple of questions for you.

How much was our taxi fare in pounds?

Who wrote the book  ‘Dracula?

What 5 countries border Romania?


Mr Carney and Miss Clarke