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International Day

Year 4 celebrated 'International Day' by focusing on the country of our partner school in Adana, Turkey.

We began with a special European 'Who wants to be a millionaire?' quiz. We made it to £1,000,000 but think we used more than our share of life lines!

We read a typical Turkish legend, 'The Maiden's Castle'. Unfortunately this did not have a happy ending, as most Turkish legends don't. We then wrote the tale in our own descriptive, imaginative words.


Kate, who is used to live and teach in Istanbul, came to school and taught us some Turkish language such as greeting and counting to twenty. She, also, told us all about the food and culture, then we made a very typical drink from natural yogurt, water and salt.

Kebabs are a traditional Turkish food, so we had fun making our own fruit kebabs which we took home to enjoy there!



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