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Hurray for Hispanic Week!

Countries of the world have, once again, been brought into our school, in the form of music, dance, arts, crafts, food and lots of fun during our annual celebration of Hispanic culture.
Well done to our 'Spanish waiters and waitresses' who started the week off by helping restaurant 'La Tasca' serve churros con chocolate to all the school. i Delicioso!

Liverpool University
We were delighted to welcome back our friends from Liverpool University who shared their expert knowledge and interactive activities with Year groups who learnt all about flamenco dance, the region and traditions of Cataluna and Porteguese. As always, we value their support and our growing partnership,long may it continue!

Partnership work with Secondary Schools
A variety of secondary schools once again joined in our celebration week when their pupils became the teachers and delivered Spanish language based workshops which all the children really enjoyed. For your work, time and support ...muchísimas gracías!

Brazilian Rainforest Workshops
Do you remember closing your eyes and listening to the sounds of animals, cleverly made with different musical instruments? Which animals do you remember hearing? One Latin Culture brought the Brazilian rainforest to our school and took those who participated in this imaginative workshop on a journey through it. Playing instruments, a travelling soundscape was then created by the children. A few frogs may even have been left behind in the PE cupboard!

Spanish Cake Decorating
A new and novel activity brought to our Hispanic week by local business 'Cosy Bean' who delivered Spanish themed cake decorating workshops. Fairy cakes were expertly decorated with Spanish bulls and flags. iEstupendo!

Hispanic crafts 
Another new addition to our week was brought by  local business 'Crafty Corner', who spent all day in school working with many different classes making 'matador' peg dolls and decorating porcelain plates with a Spanish theme. Children put into practice their Artistic and D.T skills to create a Hispanic craft which they could take home and share with their family. Some children even said they intended on creating more peg dolls and making a 'matador family'of their own.

La Vina
Year 4 classrooms became sub-branches of Liverpool restaurant 'La Vina'. Waiters and waitresses were selected to take orders form other children, collect food from a selection of delicious tapas brought by the restaurant staff, then employ their Maths skills to calculate 'la cuenta' (the bill). True to Hispanic roots, una fiesta followed with an impromptu 'Sevillana' dance lesson. Great fun and delicious food tasting all whilst learning too!

Cha cha workshops
Dance Passion brought this lively Cuban dance style to St Austin's in their interactive workshops in which everyone learnt some simple Cha cha dance steps. The concentration from the children of all ages was amazing and the dance tutors were extremely impressed by the dancing talent of our school's children. Well done to all those who participated! iBien hecho todos!

In a blaze of colour, Movema dance company taught a variety of Hispanic carnival dances in a fun, high energy way! Children learnt about the characteristics of Hispanic carnivals and were able to try on typical Carnival decorations. 

Carnival Masks
Carnival learning continued in those classes who participated in carnival mask making workshops. Freddie from Costa Rica and Francisco from Chile explained all about the different carnivals which take place all over South America, highlighting the colours and symbols used in these special celebrations. Children then employed thier artistic skills in designing and creating their own carnival mask. 

Hispanic music
In these creative, interactive workshops, Miss Gallagher focused on the musical elements of typical Hispanic music, how this stlye is created and what instruments are used to do this. Some children even got to make thier own musical instrument which they then played to Hipsanic music and were able to take home to practise creating this style of music some more. 

Samba drumming
Rythm and amazing sounds were the focus of these exciting workshops in which children were given the opportunity to learn how to play the samba drums by two of the most skilled samba drummers in the U.K! Everybody linvolved earnt how to create rhythm with samba drums and keep in time whilst playing in a band. iSuperbien!

Flamenco Guitar
Our resident guitar expert, Mr Vernon, gave workshops explaining how flamenco music is created with probably the most important instrument played in this genre. Children were interested to see and hear how differently the guitar is played to create flamenco style sounds. The tempo and pitch of this music style was explored, then everybody played a typical Spanish instrument, such as castanets or maracas to help Mr Vernon play a fantastic flamenco tune. Can you remember the region of Spain where the roots of this very typical Spanish music lie?
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