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Hispanic Week 2015

Freestyle Football

We were very lucky to have John Farnworth (and his mascot friend Farnworth) come in to show us some of his amazing freestyle skills and tricks. Farnworth started off the session by showing us a few of his favourite moves, like the Rocket Launcher and the Neck Stall. After that, John came in and taught us all how to do some of those tricks as well as showing off some more of his own. He even gave us some easier tricks to practise at home.


Our first taste of Hispanic dance this week was with Movema. They are a dance company and came in to show and teach us lots of different Hispanic dancing styles. We did some warm ups as a big group and then got into partners and practised some dance moves with them. It was very exhausting, but as you can see - we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Flamenco Guitar

Mr Vernon came into class to introduce us to Flamenco Guitar. He brought some guitars, castanets and maracas in and taught us about the different types of chords, volume, and tempo used in flamenco music. Once we'd gotten to grips with the rhythms, we had a go at performing a whole piece of music as a class.


As well as dancing with Movema, we also had a Samba Dancing workshop. We built on what we had already learned about following rhythm and got into the carnival spirit with some fantastic dance moves.


A very important part of any celebration is obviously food, so as part of our Hispanic celebrations this week we had a tapas banquet in class. We enjoyed Spanish tortilla with bread and olives, chorizo with manchego cheese and tomatoes. Some of us (but not many) even tried some delicious avocado, which we had discussed in our Spanish lessons earlier in the year. Of course, we needed a drink to wash it all down with so we refreshed ourselves with a big jug of sangria!

Spanish Day

Thursday was Spanish day in school and we performed our show to parents and other visitors. The show went really well - our performance of the Noah's Ark story we superb and Aiden & Georgie said their lines brilliantly. We came to school in Spanish Dresses, football kits or the colours of the Spanish flag and everyone looked bright and colourful.

Hispanic Games

One of the last workshops we took part in this week was all about Hispanic children's games. We learned 4 different games that children traditionally play in Hispanic countries and had a lot of fun playing them too. There were cats chasing rats, trains going under bridges and blindfolded children - it was all very exciting.

Flamenco Dancing

Our final workshop of the week was flamenco dancing. A flamenco dancer called Gaynor came in to teach us some flamenco dance steps and then we put them together with music to make one full dance routine. There was a lot of marching and posing in different positions and it was a really fun way to finish the week. Olé!