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Autumn Term Topics

Our topic this half term is 'Electricity'

Electricity is an energy that makes things work. It flows along wires inside our house and classroom. Our lights, TVs, computers, mobile phones, cars, and many other things use electricity. Did you know that thunder and lightning is a type of electricity? Did you know your hair can have electricity too? There are lots of other exciting facts about electricity that we are going to discover together over the next few weeks. For example...

In Science, we’ll be finding out:

·        What battery-operated toys can do

·        How to make our own electrical circuit

·        Electricity at home and in the classroom

·        About the dangers of electricity

In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

·        How to design and make a torch

 In History, we’ll be finding out:

·        What we did before electricity

 Next half term our topic will be 'Celebrations'

Celebrations are an important part of human life. They are one of the things that make us uniquely human. All peoples and cultures, from every part of the world, take part in and hold celebrations to mark special events and special times in someone’s life. For example…

In History, we’ll be finding out:

·        How people in our families celebrated in the recent past

·        How particular past events are still celebrated

In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

·        How to plan for a celebration

·        How to design and make a product for a celebration

In Art, we’ll be finding out:

·        How decoration is used in celebrations

·        How the work of artists is used in celebrations

·        How to make artefacts and images that could be used in celebrations

In Music, we’ll be finding out:

·        How songs and music are used in celebrations in our own and other countries

·        How to compose our own music for a celebration

In International Studies, we’ll be finding out:

·        How different groups of people celebrate different events

·        How different groups of people have different rules

·        How to work and celebrate with each other