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A Very Naughty Elf

There is a very naughty elf in our class at the moment. We aren't sure where he came from but we think he might have ran away from the North Pole. Every night he gets up to mischief and we have to tidy up after him the next day!

3rd December

This morning we came to school to find a naughty elf was in our classroom and he had torn down our Snail and the Whale display!



4th December

Last night, it pulled down our Christmas tree!

5th December

Today we discovered that it had made a big mess with the mobilo.

6th December

Just look at what that elf did with the blocks last night - it built itself a giant throne!

7th December

You will not believe this. Last night it turned the yellow table upside down and covered it in snow! We found it trying to make a snow angel in it.

10th December

Not only has this elf made a mess of the blue table by making a big train track... it also tried to steal all of our chocolate coins!

Still image for this video

11th December

Today we found the elf in a big bed of cushions, having eaten all of our chocolate coins!



12th December

Still image for this video

13th December

This morning we found it trying to take an elfie with some friends.


14th December

This is getting ridiculous now. It has made a giant paper aeroplane and is trying to fly away!


17th December

This is just getting ridiculous now. It looks like our elf was making some more snow and accidentally froze itself solid!


18th December

Even more snow today and it looks like the elf has been putting on a puppet show with our finger puppets.


19th December

A zip line! That naughty elf has made a zip line all the way across the class room and tricked us into setting it off!


Still image for this video

20th December

Uh-oh... Now it's trying to put us all on the naughty list...even the teachers!


21st December

Well, today we got to school to find what looked like 5 huge presents waiting for us in the classroom. However when we opened them, it was another trick by the elf! It had wrapped up all our tables and chairs. We have had enough. Lets hope it behaves over the holidays...