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6B War Poetry

In the days preceding Remembrance Sunday we have been studying the poems of Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon. We have also been writing some of our own poems, based on what we have learned about the experience of trench warfare on the Western Front in World War I. Here are some examples of our work.

Marching, marching

As the sun rises
I sit in a rat infested trench
Letting my nerves run wild
As I dread zero hour.
Fear and horror food through my vains
What if I go over and never return?
My hands shake from fear and clod.
As the captain puts his whistle
To his mouth.
My time has come.
I climb the ladder
I take a deep breath and start marching.
I sense bullets as they fly past
Like angry birds.
I see comrades fall on either side
And I can do nothing to help.
I keep marching, marching.
by Christian Maden.

Why me?
Roaring, belching from the cannons,
Zero hour is coming,
My body trembling,
Why me?
Zero hour is here,
All the shattering gone,
The silence deafening,
Why me?
There is the sinful whistle blowing,
Up over the muddy trench,
My legs like lead,
Why me?
All around me men falling,
My life in slow motion
Bullets flying like a swarm of bees
This is torture
Why me?
My time has come
I’m ready,
My heart leaving my soul,
My fear has gone.


Sipping my sour rum
Counting down the minutes
When I climb the ladder
Will I climb all the way to heaven?
I hope not!  I hope not!
Zero hour has come
As we cross no man’s land
Will I do it ? Will I not?
Will I get hit?
I hope not! I hope not!
Bullets whizzing past my head
My friend get’s hit
One more gone
A lot more deaths to come
I hope not!I hope not!
Back in the trench
Everyone asleep.
Bullets come like dozens of bees
Five nines exploding
Did someone forget thier gas mask?
I hope not! I hope not!
One man lying on the floor
Eyes rolled back
I can not take any more
Did anyone else die?
I hope not?I hope not!
Zero hour coming back.
Will I die or will I come back?
Zero hour here
I climb up and hope for the best
But then I get shot
Will I go to hell?


Sitting There

Sitting there shivering,waiting
For zero hour to strike.
Quietly sipping the sweet rum.
I stare into a picture of my wife
And my child.
Sitting there making myself feel
Proud about fighting in this war.
I dream about my friend climbing
 over the trench wall,getting shot down.
Sitting there,trying to think about going
home to my wonderful wife.
I knew it would soon all be over for
Me and my comrades.
Sitting there,being frightened about
When I go home and my wife wouldn’t be there
Any more.
Suddenly zero hour struck.I slowly trembled out
Of the dark muddy trench I felt powerless
As a bullet flew past my ear like an angry
Shark diving for prey.
My time was suddenly over nothing was
Around me any more.It was like I was lost
In the white world and I drifted through the
Air.To heaven.


I Hate It
The terror
The horror
The madness all round
I hate it.
The scream of dying soldiers
The fear of my death
My hands are trembling and so are the others
I hate it.
The spraying bullets from rifles’
The lice and the rats
The artillery pounding and booming
I hate it.
No mans land and zero hour ,my darkest fear
The nausea is making me spew
The shame and the misery as I watch my friend die
I hate it
The bullets are like bees’ as they whizz past ears
The machine gun mowing us all down
My Sergeant-Major shouting at me
I hate it.
I feel as I’m dead already
The Devil is waiting for me
Is this my death? I don’t know
I hate it
By Cullin 

As I Wait

As I stand waiting for the deathly whistle to blow, my life flashes before me. And all of a sudden a tear starts to appear in my eyes.
Five minutes to zero hour.
As machine guns split the sky the artillery finally falls silent. Birds start singing but soon they are drowned out
Two minutes to zero hour.
And shells are cracking the earth as they explode and make a crater people are smashing there rum cups together hoping that will make them less scared.
One minute to zero hour.
I stand on the firestep as bullets go flying pass me like a swarm of angry wasps. The whistle blows for us to go over the top but I am so shell shocked “BANG” a gun was fired. 

Daniel Heneghan


OH how I wish
I could be with my wonderful wife
and children
chattering in my ear.
OH how I wish
This nightmare of life and death
Would fade away
And finish.
OH how I wish
This war will be declared over
And finished
So we can claim our victory.
OH how I wish
The bullets whizzing and flying
Past me will stop.
OH how I wish
I could taste my mother’s
Delicious and scrumptious food in my mouth
Instead of bully beef and biscuits.
OH how I wish
I could live to see another
Day and not get shot by the enemy.
OH how I wish I could find
A way to save my friend
who is falling from the ladder
of the trench.
Oh how I wish I could be saved
From this painful wound
And not be dying on the floor .
By Olivia 


          How can you just smile?

How can you just smile,
When all these bombs are dropping,
When they breathe in fatal gas,
As the bullets fly by?
How can you just smile,
When buildings are collapsing,
When they’re sinking in the trenches,
Like the devil’s pulling you down further and further?
How can you just smile,
When they walk on no-mans land,
When machine guns are firing,
As they go over the top?
How can you just smile,
When innocent people are dying,
When walls close in on victims,
Like badness is trapping them inside?
How can you just smile,
When this war is never-ending,
When nobody is happy,
And you’re the only one smiling?
By Sadie 

At Zero Hour
At zero hour,
The whistle cried out
Which carried the fatigued
Soldiers back into hell.
At zero hour,
Death began to control
And they dropped like flies
Again and again.
At zero hour,
The birds began to keen
As they saw the remains of
Their old homes.
At zero hour,
The machine guns
Started to scream as
They began to realise what
They have done.
At zero hour,
The ground began
To erupt as a mine
Was set off.
At zero hour,
The pounding of shells
Leaping from their artillery
And running through the air
Into enemy lines.
By Samuel 
What War Is
And then the bullets fired,
We were all shivering like
trembling leaves in a rainfall.
We sat in the trench waiting,
Will this ever be over?
Will we survive?
John sat down as sang
Some songs,
to lift our spirits.
Then the rum ration came
And we knew
Our moment had come.
The bombs were cracking the heavens
with anger!
We heard the squelching of the mud
While everyman was walking past.
As we trudged
Into no-mans land
Towards our deaths
And for what?
By Sophie