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10 Pollitos

Pachy read us a story about 10 little chicks. They all got lost in different places on the farm. They visited a sheep, a pig, a cow, a frog, a horse, a dog and more animals too but at the end they found their family. The story was all in Spanish but we understood it because we know the numbers and names of animals in Spanish. After the story we had a special Easter lucky dip to win some chicks. (By Charlotte and Kameron)

 'Ten Chirpy Chicks'  read in Spanish by Pachy

The story starts out with ten little chicks and counts down as each chick decides to hang out with another farm animal.

"Ten chirpy chicks, out walking in a line.  One joins some puppies in the bright sunshine!"

The story ends with all the animals being reunited on a pop-up page.


I liked the rana, he was funny.  (By Cassius)

I liked learning the names of the animals in Spanish.  (By Maisie)


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