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Young Entrepreneurs - Spanish Logo Design

  The children visited a local printing company called Callprint, and spent the day learning all about the printing industry and the value of teamwork in the workplace.  




The day started with a meeting where the Young Entrepreneurs were able to discuss their business idea and describe their requirements for the design and print of their logo and banner.

The children's requirements were then sent to Callprint's design team so that a proof could be created and agreed upon.

They discussed the proof and made some last minute changes before signing off on the proof and sending it to print.

After a heated negotiation, the children were able to get the price of the job down to zero pounds on the promise of some advertising for the company through our website.

During the printing process the children were able to tour the factory and see how all the different printers worked and the types of materials used for different types of print job.

Callprint allowed the children to be involved in every step of the process and gave the children the opportunity and means to get the product which they wanted.

The banner will be displayed during the Christmas Fair where the Young Entrepreneurs will be selling some delicious Spanish cuisine.

We would like to thank Chris, Naomi and Emma for giving the children this wonderful opportunity and for taking the time out of their busy day to help with this project.

Well done to Sophie for designing the winning Logo which will form the basis of the entrepreneurs merchandising.