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Year 6 Autumn Term Topics 2013

Maths:  Numbers and the number system. Place value, rounding of whole numbers and decimals. Number patterns and sequences. Real life problems involving money, metric measures etc.
English: Different story genres (Sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, mystery) Narrative structure, beginnings, middles and conclusions – story writing. Reading comprehension work – concentrating on answering questions involving inference and deduction – “reading between the lines”.
Science: The human body, (digestive system, circulatory system, teeth) life cycles, healthy eating – what constitutes a balanced diet, different food groups.
Geography: Rivers and river systems.
History: Britain in World War 2 – Evacuation, The Blitz, Air Raid Shelters, Rationing etc.
Art: Drawing the human body in motion.
R.E:  Topic is “Loving” – recognise and celebrate the unconditional love we receive from God and our families. Other faiths – Judaism.