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Writing Instructions

This week, we've been learning how to write instructions. To work on using clear, accurate instructions we made playdoh snakes in pairs. One of us gave instructions to the other, who had to follow them exactly to make a snake. We thought hard about using lots of different verbs and came up with some great ideas, like: twist, stick, pull, grab, press, push, join, poke and rip. Some instructions were more accurate than others so we ended up with a range of snakes, sausages and pancakes with eyes. Now we understand that it's important to think carefully about the instructions which we are giving and make sure we put them in the correct order, not missing anything out. 


Try to write your own instructions to make a model out of playdoh, making sure you remember:

- Bossy words

- Verbs

- Time words

- Don't ask questions

- New instruction, new line

- Numbers or bullet points