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Week beginning 6th October 2014/ 6 de octubre 2014

It has been another busy week in Year 3 - lots of learning, fun and hard work. In Maths we have started to work on column addition, this has been a long hard process but the children have loved it and are showing great skill ans speed in their calculations. Well done to all our pupils !!!!!


Literacy this week is based on performance poetry which the children have really loved, it includes rhyming, nonsense words, alliteration and onomatopoeia ...if you don't know what these are ...ask your child and hopefully they will explain !!!!!


We have been discussing healthy food in Science and what our body needs to stay healthy and fit. We will also be talking about plant life and how they get their food and grow. Chat to your child about your family meal times and if  what they are eating is healthy !!!!


Lots of jumpers are being in left school ... mostly without names... please check if you are missing any uniform and check with your child's teacher.