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Week beginning 12th January 2015


Over the next two weeks we are learning about measures of time and money including giving change. Practical activities with your children involving shopping and telling the time will assist work done in school.



We continued with our 'Mystery' genre. The children will be reading and exploring the book 'The Dragon Machine'.



Please continue to practise and support your children with these at home. We have seen a great improvement in recent weeks as the children apply what they have learned to their written work.



The topic for this term is 'Forces and Magnets'. So far we have had great fun investigating pushes/pulls and what a magnet can do.



'Journeys' is our theme for the next few weeks as we look at the journey the church makes through the liturgical year.



We began our first topic in geography 'Oceans and Continents' by locating and naming the main oceans on our planet.



This term we will look at and discuss the important issue of e-safety. The children are always reminded that they should tell a responsible adult if they wish to go online. Please reinforce this at home.


Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests.

The Year 3 children will be completing these tests on Tuesday next week. These tests help us greatly when assessing individual needs.



On 29th January 2015 Years 3 and 4 will be celebrating Holy Mass at St Austin's church at 10.00am. All welcome.