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Week Beg 5th October 2015


This week saw an exciting start to our swimming lessons which are now well under way. Thank you to our boys and girls for their excellent behaviour. We can see an improvement in their swimming already. 


Father Joe

It was lovely to have a visit from Fr Joe on Wednesday afternoon. He thanked the children for their contributions to his leaving cards and said he will continue to remember us all in his prayers. We will also pray for him as he takes up his new role.


Reading Homework

The daily groups are now well under way and can you please remind your children to bring their book in to change on 'their day'. The children should read aloud to an adult but, from Year 3 onwards, it is important that reading goes beyond 'reading the words'. Many books have suggestions for discussion or activities at the back. Talking about the story or topic read is especially important to further comprehension skills and help your child with the expertise they will need for successful reading in school.