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Week Beg 1st February 2016

In English this week we have started to look at 'Shape Poems'. We have discovered what calligrams are and have made some of our own. Parents, you might like to find out too and try to make up some of your own! We have also thought about how poems can make pictures in our heads because of their descriptive language. 'The Lone Dog' was quite a hard poem with some challenging clauses and similes but we found that it made us think of a very good picture of the lone dog in our heads.


In maths we have measured ourselves and recorded our findings in both 'cm' and 'm and cm'. We will continue with this and explore measures in the context of 'time', 'mass' and 'capacity'. If you could encourage your child to look out for these measures on signs and labels in the environment this would be most helpful to support our classwork.


Thank you for completing the geography questionnaire. We will use these in class to explore this aspect of human geography.

This week we have started preparations for the Hispanic Week performances - you are going to love it!