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Week 5 4th Feb - 8th Feb

Well done to all the boys and girls of Year 4 who have worked very hard in their mid year assessments this week. You were able to show off all your Year 4 knowledge and learning so far. Keep up the good work for the rest of the year  - your teachers are sure you will!
Lots of effort has, also, been put into the designs, stitching and decorating of our cushions this week. Children who never knew they had a talent for stitching have discovered this skill and all have worked hard to put their designs into practice. Look out for our gallery of beautiful cushions and designs soon to come to our class page!

All our R.E learning about 'community' has been drawn together this week when children completed a booklet on ways in which we can live out the messages from Bible Scripture readings. The importance of kindness, helpfulness, teamwork and tolerance were some of the many ways highlighted. Keep on doing your best to live out those important messages!

We,also, celebrated 'Internet Safety Day' this week. The theme of the day was 'Connect with Respect'. Firstly, we made a 'web of connections' connecting each other with strings of wool to symbolise internet connections and we named lots of different sites that we visit. Next we considered how we can keep ourselves and others safe whilst using these and other sites, how we can know that they are safe and we took an online quiz to test our knowledge on internet safetly. We designed some 'How to be safe on the internet' information posters, which gave lots of top tips on how to CONNECT WITH RESPECT.

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