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W/C 30.04.2018

Looks like we're in for a good bank holiday weekend, the weather is meant to be beautiful... we shall see I suppose. But for now we have a class from KS1 and a class from KS2 to congratulate on winning the attendance this week. 


In KS1 Mr Hughes' Class (2JH) have performed amazingly with 99.3% attendance, just shy of that 100% but i'm sure we'll get there. In KS2 Mrs Craven's Class (5SC) have also done brilliantly with 99% attendance. How fantasitc that these classes are getting such high numbers of attendance.


Across the whole school, it would appear that we're slowly crawling up to that 100%, as the whole school attendance for this week now stands at 97%, what a great achievement! 


We hope everyone has a brilliant weekend plus a day, hopefully the weather is as predicted.